Spanish for foreigners Hispania Estudio-2

Cursos presenciales en el centro de Madrid.

Cursos on line adaptados a diferentes niveles y necesidades.

Actividades culturales.

Cursos de inmersión.

Preparación del D.E.L.E.

Cursos de cocina.

Fundada en 1991. Más de veinte años de experiencia nos avalan.


The standard course is one of the most on demand. Within for weeks, you get to know people and learn Spanish.


For learners who wish to improve their language within four weeks.


Intensive courses for July and August.


Our center offers preparation for the official DELE exam. We also facilitate registration for taking the exam. Classes are also available online.

One to one

Private classes which are customized based on the individuals needs.


This program is intended for those who are involve in academic and journalistic pursuits such as text editing, translation and business writing.


Alternate the days in which you choose to attend your classes. This option is intended for intermediate levels.


If you are in a group that wishes a special program, we can provide it and serve you better.


Learn the language as well as the Spanish culture through entertaining and effective methods. get immersed in the culture within 24 hours.

speak spanish line

Practica español con nosotros. Sesiones orales con un profesor cualificado, en tiempo real.

Cocina Estudio-2

Learn Spanish cooking and cook learning Spanish.

On line

Learn Spanish at your comfort without leaving your home using our online virtual classes for all levels. You will have a professor available 24 hours a day without time limit.

Cultura gastronómica

Introdúcete en la gastronomía española, tanto dentro como fuera de la escuela.

Como ayuda en tiempos de crisis, el año 2016 mantenemos los mismos precios que el 2015.

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