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Comienzo cualquier lunes del año.

Enseñanza personalizada.

Máximo 6 alumnos por clase.

Todos los niveles.

Gramática, Vocabulario y conversación.

Profesores titulados.

Método propio. Gran variedad de cursos.

Face to face courses


  • Groups of six students maximun (usually four).
  • Available year-round.
  • Available all levels.
  • Courses of four weeks (minimum).
  • Beginning EVERY MONDAY.
  • The best way to learn Grammar, as an inherent part of the language.
  • Language skills: oral, comprehension, speech, reading and writing.
  • Exciting in-class sessions.
Lessons per weekFees
20165 €/week
15135 €/week
10114 €/week
578 €/week



  • Groups of six students (maximum).
  • Courses of one week (minimum).
  • Available year-round.
  • Beginning EVERY MONDAY.
  • Available all levels.
  • We recommended you enrol in this course if you wish to increase skills and the language level quickly. Specially speech.
Lessons per weekFees
20200 €/week
15160 €/week
10145 €/week
590 €/week



  • During July and August.
  • Courses of 2, 4, 6 or 8 weeks.
  • Groups of eight students (maximun).
  • Available all levels.
  • We recommended you enrol in this course if you wish to increase skills and the language level quickly. Specially speech.
  • Grammar and language skills.
  • Exciting in-class sessions combine with video sessions.
Lessons per weekFees
15190 €/week



  • Groups of six students (maximun).
  • Available year-round.
  • We'll focus on oral and writing aspects of the test.
  • Practical exercises, before the examination.
  • We'll facilite your registration for the examination.
  • Elemental, intermediate and superior instruction.
Lessons per weekFees
15165 €/week
10138 €/week
5104 €/week


One to one

  • Available year-round.
  • Available all levels.
  • Beginning EVERY MONDAY.
  • The instruction is flexible and can even be customized to meet you specific goals and needs.
  • The private lessons are given an one to one bases, and the progress of the student will be as far as the student skills allow it.
  • Lessons of 60 minutes.
  • Grammar, speech and vocabulary.
Lessons per weekFees
10250 €/week
5141 €/week
1-434 €/hour


Special courses

  • One to one.
  • Uncertain time.
  • You can be begun any day.
  • Recommended for students that want to carry out special works, thesis, doctorate courses, Spanish commercial, professors' course of Spanish, etc.
  • A high level is required of Spanish, so much spoken as having written.
 42 €/hour


Alternating course

  • Students' maximum for class: 6.
  • 4 weeks like minimum.
  • Any Monday of the year you can be begun.
  • Classes three days a week: monday, wednesday and friday.
  • An intermediate level is required.
Lessons per weekFees
687 €/week
461 €/week
234 €/week


Courses for groups

  • Students' minimum: 5.
  • All the levels.
  • I begin every Monday.
  • Uncertain time.
  • You should request budget to the school.

Inmersion courses

  • Available year-round.
  • A basic level of language is required.
  • Groups of ten students maximun.
  • Dates on demand.
  • Classes on the morning and activities in the evening.
  • Duration between 1 and 2 weeks.
  • These courses includes: Didactic material, level exam, presence certificate, cultural activities, Lodging, student card and information about Madrid.

Every course include:

  • Didactic material.
  • Student card.
  • Certificate.
  • Cultural activities. To let you develop a greater understanding of the spanish culture. You'll visit interesting places.
  • The cornerstone of the success of our students is constant support by teaching staff.

On line courses

speak spanih line

Tras el éxito obtenido con los cursos on line, y debido a la demanda por parte de muchos usuarios de establecer exclusivamente cursos on line para practicar la conversación en múltiples aspectos, hemos diseñado este curso para ofrecer sesiones orales con un profesor cualificado, en tiempo real, con el objetivo de ampliar o perfeccionar todos los aspectos del español.

Más información....

Dudas de GramáticaDesde 140 €
Vocabulario temáticoDesde 110 €
Vocabulario específicoDesde 140 €
Temas de conversaciónDesde 110 €
Cocina españolaDesde 110 €
Comentario de textosDesde 140 €
Redacción de cartasDesde 110 €
Preparación de la prueba oral del DELEDesde 140 €
Español práctico para viajarDesde 110 €



Finally, after more than twenty years of experience in the teach of Spanish as foreign language, as a result of many years of work, we have decided to publish our method in three levels, in the same way that we apply in our presential classes.

More info....

Basic (A1 A2)400 €
Intermediate (B1 B2)500 €
Advanced (C1 C2)600 €



The Diplomas of Spanish as Foreign Language (DELE) are diploma official of the competition degree and domain of the Spanish language that it grants the Education Ministry and Culture of Spain.

With our course on line you will be able to prepare it comfortably from house. It consists of a series of lessons that include similar exercises to those of the exam. The tests are corrected in real time, to exception of those of written expression that is corrected in our school, after sending the data. Also, our professors carry out each student's exhaustive pursuit, lending you the necessary academic support.

More info....

B1/B2500 €
C1/C2600 €


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