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To enroll in any of our courses, you can choose between two different options:

Through this page:
Fill in the form below. You can pay by credit/debit card or transfer bank.
By ordinary mail:
Request us the Registration Form, or download a printed version. Fill up the form and send it to us by ordinary mail, including two passport size photographs.
Also you must send, by transfer bank, the amount corresponding to one of the following options of payment:
  • The total amount: registration fee (50 €) + course + lodging (if ordered) + transfer (if ordered).
  • Postponing lodging: registration fee (50 €) + course + 10% of lodging (if ordered) + transfer (if ordered).
  • Postponing both course and lodging: registration fee (50 €) + 100 € + 10% of lodging (if ordered) + transfer (if ordered). Important: this option is not allowed for those students that need a Certificate of Registration previous to request its country STUDENT'S VISA.
Details for the transfer bank:

CCC: 2080 5259 06 3040027608
IBAN: ES92 2080 5259 06 3040027608
(All bank charges and commissions must be covered by the sender).

In any case, before taking the first lesson, the student will provide two photos and a photocopy of his passport (or European Union identity card). Keep in mind that if you postpone any amount, you need to pay the rest at the school before beginning the course.

Registration form

Personal information



Spanish language knowledge*:




Lodging type:
Room type:

Transfer (Airport-lodging)

Flight data:



Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory. If you have opted for a presential course, you must indicate the date of beginning, duration and, if aplicable, the number of lessons per week. If you have asked for lodging or transfer, it is necessary to fill in the fields of the sections corresponding to these options.

I confirm that have read the general conditions and have agreed to them.

Treatment of personal data: Responsible: Hispania Estudio-2, CB. NIF: E80076961. Postal address: Mayor, 10. 1ºdcha. Of. H-I. Teléfono: 915593261. E-mail.
On behalf of Hispania Estudio-2 CB, we treat the information you provide us in order to provide the requested service and perform billing. The data provided will be kept as long as the commercial relationship is maintained or during the years necessary to comply with the legal obligations. The data will not be transferred to third parties except in cases where there is a legal obligation. You have the right to obtain confirmation about whether we are treating your personal data at Hispania Estudio-2 CB, so you have the right to access your personal data, correct inaccurate data or request its deletion when the data is no longer necessary.

Enrollment, Payment and Cancellation Conditions

1. Payment

Once starting the registration process, the student must pay a first installmentt of at least 150 EU and 10% of the accommodation if opted for. The advance payment shall be deducted from the total price of the course.

Payment could be done either by cash, bank transfer, credit card (all bank transaction fees will be covered for by the student).

The rest of the fee must be paid on the first day of class in cash or by credit card.

If the student requires a letter of registration confirmation to issue a student's visa, the student must pay the complete fee of the course when submitting the registration form.

The student shall be enrolled at Hispania Estudio-2 once the advance payment and registration form are received. The school will inform the student of his acceptance promptly.

If accommodation is paid by credit card, an addition 5% charge will be added.

2. Courses

Hispania Estudio-2 will inform the student, one week prior to the commencement of the course, of the day and time to be present at the institute.

On the first day of class, the student will sit for a placement test to designate him to the appropriate level/ group and will be given his class's schedule.

Hispania Estudio-2 will respect the student's preference of schedule; however, the school maintains the right to change it when it sees it convenient.

To obtain a course completion certificate, the student must attend at least 85% of the classes allotted to the course.

For students opting for the four week group course, they must attend them consecutively without alternating.

Students who choose home stay accommodation in collaboration with the school, must arrange tor their stay to coincide with the duration of the course. They should never prolong their stay more the courses duration.

In case a student wishes to extend a course, he must inform the office on the last day of the course and consequently pay for it.

Students who wish to cancel the course must communicate it with the office on the last day.

3. Cancellation

In the case of cancellation, Hispania Estudio-2 must be informed though mail, email or fax.

If cancelation is received within a duration of 30 days or more prior to the actual date of commencement, HE2 shall refund the student 100% of the fee minus the registration fee and occasional administrative charges.

If cancellation is received within a duration less than 30 days prior the actual date of commencement of the course, HE2 will retain 50% of both course fee and accommodation.

In the case of course commencement, there shall be no refunding.

If only accommodation is cancelled, the school must be informed 14 days prior the scheduled date in order to be fully refunded. If the institute is informed within a period less than mentioned, no refunds will be given.

In the case of cancelling a course which has required a letter of enrollment confirmation in order to issue a student's visa, scholarship, student's loan, etc…, an official nullification document from the responsible party must be submitted in order to be refunded in abidance by the current cancellation regulations.

Classes will not be compensated nor refunded for those students who have not attended their classes for personal reasons, e.g. (sickness, travel, vacations, late arrival, early leave, parties…etc.

4. Accomodation

The student must inform the school of the date and hour of arrival at least one week prior arrival.

The student has to accept the established norms of the place of residence. If not, HE2 will be obliged to expel the student from it.

HE2 selects well to do families as home stay accommodation. There are two boarding options: Boarding and breakfast, and half boarding including breakfast and lunch. The students could either have one room or share a double room if they have come together and wish to share the room.

Under no circumstance should the student cook in the family residence.

If the student wishes to invite friends, he must obtain a direct permission from the family.

Any damage or loss of property (such as losing the keys) on behalf of the student within family residence will be the responsibility of the student.

5. Commuting from /to the Airport

The commuting service from/to the airport is optional, for which the student must request and pay for beforehand.

The person in charge will accompany the student to the family residence, hotel...etc.

The price of includes one trip per person. In the case that a group of students come in the same flight, they should request an earlier budget from the school.

The school must be informed at least one week prior the students arrival of all the information of the flight including the name of the airline, date and hour of arrival and flight number. Any changes must be communicated to the school by telephone through the given telephone numbers provided by the school earlier.

The person in charge of picking up the student shall wait 60 maximum after the expected time of arrival. If the student does not contact or arrive on the expected time, the service will be canceled and must be paid for. If the student informs the school earlier regarding the change in schedule while the responsible person is waiting at the airport, an extra fee of ten Euros will be charged for every 45 minutes of waiting. This shall last only for 3 hours of waiting maximum.

6. Visa

EU citizens will not need any type of visa to attend the courses.

Non EU citizens will need to obtain information from the Spanish Embassy or Consulate in their country.

Students who request a confirmation letter of enrollment from HE2 to obtain their visa must pay the full fee of the requested course. The course must include a minimum of 15 weekly hours.

Confirmation will be sent promptly by postal mail to the provided address given by the student.

Visa issuing matters are the responsibility of the student. HE2 recommends that this process starts earlier.

HE2 will never be responsible in the case of visa refusal.

If the student is unable to attend due to visa refusal, he will have to present an official refusal document issued by the Spanish Embassy or consulate stating clearly the name, number of passport and requested visa with dates, signature and stamp.

7. Others

The school will remain closed during local and national holidays and those days will not be compensated.

Individual classes will be compensated including all cancelled hours by the instructor for serious excuses.

Curriculum and cultural activities( except for travels, school bar, show tickets..etc.), student license, diploma of attendance, level test and 24 tutoring services are included in the enrollment package.

Students must bring from their country a medical insurance.

The student allows HE2 to take pictures and videos of class activities to use it for the institute. If the student does not prefer so, he must inform the institute on the first day of the course.

HE2 does not take responsibility for accidents which happen outside the schools premises. The institute neither takes responsibility of thefts or diseases.

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